The Van Winkle House at 316 Riverside Avenue was built in 1797 by Jacob Van Winkle, who donated the property on which the first schoolhouse in Lyndhurst was built in 1804.

The Van Winkle House is a large brown sandstone structure with a gambrel roof. It was used as a home until 1921, when it was purchased by the Masonic Order. It is still used as a Masonic Lodge today. The house is registered in the Historic Architectural Building Survey of 1934 (HABS NJ 477).

Van Winkle house
Van Winkle house

The Jeremiah J. Yereance House at 410 Riverside Avenue was placed on the National Register in 1986. The building is a simple vernacular clapboard built at two different times. The left side appears to have been built before 1841, with ‘eyebrow’ windows.

With the Little Red Schoolhouse on adjacent property, it was a convenient location for a teacher at the schoolhouse to board during the week. One teacher, Miss Peggy Rice, who lived on Long Island, did just that.

Both the Van Winkle House and the Yereance House are privately owned and not open to the public.